Bottled Peaches and Cherries

One of my favorite memories is my grandmother’s cellar. It was a little out building. I do not remember how many steps down into the ground there were but I remember the walls being lined with shelves of home bottled fruits and vegetables and jams and jellies. My favorites were my grandmother’s peaches and cherries. 

In 1982, Henry B. Eyring gave a wonderful talk about Giving with Joy. He shares a tender experience with bottled cherries, a gift from his Aunt and Uncle. 

Learn more about Henry B. Eyring.

Every time I eat canned peaches or cherries, I think of my grandmother and I think of the three elements in Henry B. Eyring’s theory about being “an expert gift-giver”:

  1. What matters in giving is what the receiver feels.
  2. The gift is free.
  3. There is an element of sacrifice.

I want to be better at giving with joy. 


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