Good, better and…

Sitting here with the screen door closed, the wind is blowing the crisp sea air causing the trees branches to sway, shaking leaves. The quiet of my neighborhood allows me to enjoy the rustling sounds of oaks and the gentle movements of the palm leaves. The temperature has risen to 71 degrees and it is merely 11:10 a.m.

Janie Belle taking advantage of the open screen door after a romp outside. 

Winter in Central Florida is truly lovely. My dogs could not be happier as they take turns sitting at the open door, sniffing the air that wafts through the screen.

While writing letters to those I visit teach back in Montgomery, Alabama, a text pops up. It is my Realtor and CrossFit Coach, Shane, telling me that things are moving along with the preparatory work to sell my home. 

Tears swell in my eyes. Some of it joy, some of it sorrow, and some of it with anxious anticipation. Nevertheless it is all good. It is all part of the process. The memories, the hope for desired outcomes and the struggle to balance expectations is real. It is necessary. It is the catalyst of effective change for a better outcome. 

The best is yet to come. Can hardly wait to see what happens next, come what may and love it.




Almost there: 362/365

This writing every day has been a great challenge but boy, oh boy, am I ever happy to know that it is coming to an end! And yes, I can believe it is almost the end, an end for which I am truly thankful.

The Coming Soon sign went up so today my sister came over and helped me out with a couple of things to get the house ready to be photographed tomorrow. I have just a couple more things to do tonight.

Things are moving along rather nicely. Soon it will be the end of living in Florida. 

All good things must come to an end. And it is always great when bad or mediocre things end too. 


Just rambling about the day 10/9

Listening to Diamond and Silk on Facebook Live talking about a lot of different things. Love those Ladies. They preach it and teach it and they live it. They are all about having the conversation. Catch them on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere! Be sure to check out their merchandise too.

Great news about the fence, icymi the before story: 

Take a look at the after story as of today, thank you Officer Bret for finding the right fencing team for our adjoining fences! You are the best neighbor! 

Excellent work by Professional Grade Fence on a very hot day! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.06.46 PM

Getting excited for the new CrossRope #ZenDudeFitness Challenge. You can join me and my Guns Out CrossFit teammate, Lance Winstein, by signing up here and tagging me or Lance with #TeamBooGah #GunsOutCrossFit in the CrossRope Jump Rope Community page on Facebook. All you need is a JUMP ROPE!

And yes, I love CrossRope. I love their jumping program so much that I joined the ZDF just so I could order smaller sized ropes with ZDF colored handlesBy the way, my jump roping is just about as good as my CrossFit but at least I am still working at it. 

Another tidbit of good news. My niece was crowned a runner up for Ms. Veteran America 2017.  


And that is it for today. Pip-pip. Cheerio!


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