When the GEXT dies

We opted to not get cable or satellite television so we just use ROKU to stream movies and shows. 

It really stinks when we are in the middle of a show and the GEXT konks out. We have to turn the break into an intermission, reset the unit, reconnect the link to the wireless network and then get back to the show.

It is all good. The Honey-do is making us a big batch of popcorn as a bonus during the break. We will be back watching our show shortly.





Think Tank, Drive Thru History and More!

There were several days I could not access The Blaze from my Roku device as things were upgraded and kinks were being worked out. Today was the first day I had to just turn on the live feed and let it play. I was so thrilled with the programs. 

Getting this out of the way regarding Tomi Lahren: That she is off the air came as fabulous news. The programming put in her place is far superior, enlightening and educational programming. 

Truly, I love all of the reruns of FOR THE RECORD shows, especially the ones with Laurie Dhue. 

Then DRIVE THRU HISTORY is fantastic! 

I love THINK TANK. I love the format even better than it’s predecessor, and yes, it pains me to say it, my beloved REAL NEWS. 

Yes, I am a fan of Glenn Beck. Yes, I am an original GBTV supporter. Yes, I support The Blaze even now. 

Please check out the Blaze for there are certainly far more programs available than the afore mentioned.



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