Musical Eclipse Songs

While getting my hair done today, Teles, the receptionist and assistant extraordinaire at Root Salon, got talking about eclipse songs. He started singing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart and of course, it got into everyone’s head as we tried to remember the words. 

One of the first songs that popped into my mind was Spaceman by Harry Nillson. Nothing about eclipse in the song but it is about space. It makes me wonder what the total eclipse would look like from that perspective. 





Kong’s ROOT Salon: Slaying my hairs

Kong is the owner of ROOT SALON in Montgomery, Alabama and the man has magic hands. He cuts my hair and then styles it by running his fingers through my hair as he works that blow dryer in the other hand. No comb, no brush, just his fingers and hands. 

This last style is as fabulous as the first time he cut my hair in a different style. I love that I can simply say “Cut it however you feel like today.” And I am never disappointed, ever. 

From the washing of the hair through the cut and on to the styling, I am in zen mode by the time the slaying of my hairs is complete. 

There are several other hair stylists and a massage therapist on site. Walk-ins are welcomed but it is always best to call ahead to be certain you can be seen at a convenient time for everyone. They handle all styles and types of hair care needs. Just call or stop in Monday through Saturday to check out the vibe.  And of course you can check them out on Facebook too.

No matter how you connect with Root Salon, please mention that I sent you! 


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