A day of peace and rest

It is the Sunday following the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation. It is the first Sunday that I have had less on my mind for weeks so it was a great day of peace and rest, relatively speaking. After all, I still had part in Sharing Time today. 

Still, as I reflect upon this glorious Sabbath Day, my heart is filled with peace and rest. Memories of the spirit of the CSMP linger. The sermons in Sacrament Meeting by Stephen NeSmith, Jr and Bishop Wardell linger in my heart.

The following songs express my thoughts, in since prayer to a loving Heavenly Father for his tender blessing of mercy, for truly He knows my needs, precisely, and I am ready to take on a new day, a week with sincere appreciation for life itself. 

Truly, “the Lord will do wonders among you” and me. 



Church cancelled: Inclement Weather

When an event, like a hurricane or tropical storm, takes place that creates the need to cancel worship services for the safety of our congregation we are then encouraged

“to spend time together as a family in Scripture study and prayer as it is still the Lord’s holy day. Consider ways where you can come together as a family to be strengthened in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”  

In our home we are thankful to have electricity and to have weathered the storm without incident so we offer prayers of gratitude and read the scriptures.

We turn on the Roku and dial into YouTube where we find the Mormon Channel. We proceed to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live feed to see their morning broadcast of MUSIC & THE SPOKEN WORD and we enjoy several more videos. 

From General Conference last weekend, we replay the Saturday morning session and then we each take some time to work on our respective callings, his as Bishop and mine as a Primary worker with the MoTab music feed streaming throughout the house. 

It is a great Sabbath Day.


FIRST ALERT: Nate downgraded to tropical depression, weather slowly improving

“Tropical Depression Nate (recently downgraded) is rolling through central Alabama. There is an area of gusty wind and heavy rain falling just east of the center; this will continue to affect Chilton, Coosa, Tallapoosa and Chambers counties over the next few hours…  montgomery.raycomweather.com


Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Inspired by a wonderful sermon today on the importance of reverencing the Lord’s Day, a sacred and holy day, here is a sermon on how and why, as a Christian, it is important to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. 

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy by attending Sunday service and partaking of the sacrament is, to borrow a phrase from Neal A. Maxwell, placing one’s heart upon the alter: 


So it is that real, personal sacrifice never was placing an animal on the altar. Instead, it is a willingness to put the animal in us upon the altar and letting it be consumed! Such is the “sacrifice unto the Lord of a broken heart and a contrite spirit,” (D&C 59:8), a prerequisite to taking up the cross, while giving “away all [our] sins” in order to “know God” (Alma 22:18) for the denial of self precedes the full acceptance of Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”





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