#WCTH #Hearties: Possible heresy, I know

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Yesterday I had time to get on to Netflix and saw that Season 4 of When Calls The Heart was available. Beginning with When Calls The Heart Christmas, I watched it and all of the season four episodes between last night and today. 

So let me get this out of the way. I am torn between truly enjoying the series and rolling my eyes at the endless stretching that goes on with some of the storylines. I think if I hear “you’ve done so much for this town” to stretch a scene one more time I will gag myself with a spoon!

Heresy, I know, but sometimes the women-power and the Elizabeth-Jack thing just gets to be too, too…. obnoxiously drawn out in a way that seems culturally progressive. Sometimes I wonder: What type of an agenda are the writers pushing?

Then there is the push-me-pull-you-socially-conscience agenda that rears it head with little about true, honest capitalism playing a part in the financial aid episodes. It would be wonderful to see equal emphasis given to stories about the people expected to handout aid and how they have to live on a budget and struggle. A storyline on a donor’s business failing would be a great storyline, not a rich person failing but an average, small business failure-starting over from nothing story. 

Of course I love Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing but puh-lease. Crank-up the speed a bit on this engagement-wedding thing already. 

I love Jack Wagner‘s character, Bill Avery. Bill is a type of an old school western character. It seems to suit Wagner really well, especially in S4 episodes. 

I love the romance and chivalry in WCTH. I love Mark Humphrey and Paul Greene in the cast. I like that Mark’s character is a manly-man and look forward to seeing Paul Greene’s character develop.

It would be great to see more fall-in-love-and-get-married-already-work-at-the-marriage storylines happening. Some traditional storylines of love and marriage without all of the drama to get there would be nice. Or even if a married couple with children were to move in, or bring back Julie Thatcher and Tom Thornton. And what about Jack’s mom? Brooke Shields needs a comeback story too. 

I loved seeing the storyline with Josie Bissett‘s character, AJ Foster. Was hoping she could stick around a bit longer. Maybe she will come back?  What adventurous possibilities there are for a fun, long-running storyline with AJ and Bill

I love Lori Loughlin in the show. She is adorable, charming, and her character is relatively grounded now the seasons have moved on. The kindly power struggle is nice to see. It is even nicer she is not some man-basher, a bit more mature character.

There is a lot more that I love, like the mature writing that takes place in developing the characters, their stories, the human interactions. I love the writing when it is clear regarding faith in God, Divine Providence, and not so much on fate or destiny. I love the faith, hope, and charity themes, of forgiveness when they have appropriate time to be developed. 

It will be interesting to see where Season 5 takes it. There is a lot of potential for WCTH to have a healthy run if the writing and storylines consistently improve. There are some great, mature actors and actresses that deserve more than soap opera storylines. The opportunity to write great, wholesome, traditional-family-working-together stories is there if the writers have the will to spiritually go there, just like Della Reese and Roma Downy did in Touched by an Angel




#LetThereBeLight: The Sorbo Family

Tonight we had the time to go to a movie so we planned to see Let There Be Light. It was written by Sam Sorbo, Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo’s wife. Their real life sons were in the movie as their family portrayed the family in the movie. It was absolutely the most charming, positive film and the fact that it was such a family invested venture made it all the more touching.  

Seriously, take your family to it. It is worth supporting and watching no matter the denomination of church to which you belong. It is about hope and faith in Christ. It is about joy.


Never too early for Christmas decor

There are folks who think nothing of Christmas should be seen before Halloween, but I say BRING IT ON! I love the Christmas decor, especially in the South where the seasons are not as obvious as they are up North. Of course I understand the commercialism side of not wanting to see the decor up too soon. However, knowing what the real meaning of Christmas is, it makes me ever so happy the moment the first of the fake trees or decorations or wrapping paper or whatever appears! Especially Music!


Having a ton of decorations all over my house is not my thing. I have several Nativity sets that I love to display. Normally I have them in my hutch for display year round. Last year we moved to a smaller place in another state so I only have one out now and use the rest of the space to store all of my dishes, flatware, and glassware.

That reminds me to put in a plug for the MONTGOMERY INTERFAITH NATIVITY EXHIBIT  this year. It was so lovely last year. It was my first time attending the display. This year should really be lovely as members from many congregations bring their Nativity sets to share with the Montgomery community. It is an incredible display of unity where we can demonstrate that we truly are of one heart and one mind in celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The photos below are some I took from last year’s event where I volunteered to be a hostess for a few sessions. Definitely, I will be volunteering as a hostess again this year and look forward to doing so with great anticipation.

The Music Event Coordinator, my dear friend Stephanie Ladner, invited me to sing for a twenty minute segment. That is a long stretch for me as a soloist. She smiled and said she would take fifteen if I was willing.

IF I say (teeth chattering) Yes, it will probably only be for fifteen because twenty is a long time. #LookingUpSheetMusicNow 


IMG_5484Avon Collection circa 1996Amish CresheMary Joseph JesusKirk and Cynthia Davis Turkey ANGELS singingKaren Bartels Uganda CrecheMike and Wanda Horsely River City ChurchStacey Stakely Ethiopia CrecheSilent Night Music Box LennoxCreche from Stephen and LInda McDonaldNavity Puzzle from McDonald FamilyTeeny Tiny Creche

Each life that touches ours for good….

There are some really wonderful people on social media. I am so happy to have the opportunity to follow them, converse with them, and share a wonderful virtual life with them. 

When thinking back on Glenn Beck’s 9/12 series of RESTORING HONOR, COURAGE, AND LOVE, having only been able to attend the events virtually, it still amazes me at how many incredible outcomes there were and continue to be thanks to every day people with the same vision. 

In my Church, we have a song that we teach the Primary children: Kindess Begins With Me. And if you couple that with Exodus 19, quoting the first line from the chapter heading “The Lord covenants to make Israel a peculiar treasure, a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation…” you can see how one person doing good is just the beginning of building a great and wonderful kingdom. Even if it all begins virtually.


The Town That Came A-Courtin’: The TV Movie

Lately there are not a lot of new shows on Feeln worth my time. However, one that I enjoyed a while ago is THE TOWN THAT CAME A-COURTIN‘. It is one movie that I wish I had read the book because the television movie is absolutely delightful with a very charming cast. Now if I read the book I hope I will not be disappointed.

Tonight I am watching the movie a second time simply because it is a great story and it truly makes me smile.  


Inspiration to Share the Good

Earlier in the month I caught Karen Vaughn on Glenn Beck’s radio program and then again that evening on his television show. It was then, even after having seen her book tweeted about by some of my favorite follows, that I was moved to purchase a copy for me and one specific friend’s birthday gift.

So I went to her website to order them. Once on the purchase link I noticed the 10 Book Bundle as a great deal but I only needed two. Then a still, small voice whispered get the ten book deal. 

Much to my surprise, I thought, Who would I give them too? 

Oh you will figure that out when they get here, came the quiet reply.

Going with the flow of my thoughts and feelings and a click of the mouse, the book bundle was  ordered.  

When the box arrived I was excited but wondering to whom these books would go. As I began taking each book out of the box, one by one a name popped into my mind.

Now I have but two books to deliver plus one I need to send to my sister by post. The gifting is complete. 

Even at my age, I can be a World Changer. I can help #TakeBackTheCulture by simply seeing the good then sharing the good with others.   

#SeeTheGood #ShareTheGood #TakeBackTheCulture #WorldChanger




S2:E7 Relative Race


This season of Relative Race has truly been fabulously filled with twists and turns and all sorts of emotional connections.  The challenges have been, well, fun, goofy and deliciously ridiculous, especially in episode 7.

Episode 7 began with an Episode 6 recap. It was fantastic. Team Black got to meet a father that never knew his son and vise versa. Then continuing on with the next leg of the race, Team Blue got to meet a sister who never knew the sister and her family even existed. And the story line about Team Blue and the headstone, well, all of it was really a lot to take in on the 7th episode.

Truly the RR is fantastic this year, more than likely due to the sponsorship of Ancestry.com. It appears Ancestry.com has enabled the show to do some really spectacular challenges and family research to make it television worth watching!

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