My little old boy: Boots

Well, my little old boy, who is now going on 16, is really showing his age this week. He is a Shetland Sheep Dog. Boots is the name he came with. We have had him since 2004. He is a great dog so it is difficult to see him struggle sometimes.

Yesterday I picked him up from the Doggie Daycare and the Vet Tech had to carry him out for Boots was sort of Fred Flintsone-ing it. He just could not get his feet underneath him, plus disoriented. The sweet young lady holding him seemed a bit distressed or perhaps worried. 

It is cold here. He is old. Sometimes it takes Boots a long time to get his bearings let alone get his bum up off the ground to begin his geriatric stroll. Even then, that very often begins with him walking in a circle for about 5 turns until he has enough momentum to straighten himself out and head an any particular direction. 

Today Boots was somewhat better however, he did not eat very much. Some days are like that. Some days he eats all his food. Some days he nibbles or eats nothing at all.

His blood work on Tuesday was within a normal range. That was good news.

But he is old. He will not live forever. So every day I look him in the eyes to see if he is ready to move on, but no, he is not. Not yet. He is simply happy to be loved, and patted, and held. 

I am truly happy for each day I get to hold on to him just a little longer. 


The Sheltie likes the snow

Little Boots, a Shetland Sheepdog, is from Ohio. He was about two years old when a family with an autistic child decided they needed to give him to a good home. We were fortunate enough to be the ones to take him in and he has been a wonderful creature. 

We moved from Ohio to Florida when he was four. Being an Ohio dog the heat was pretty tough on him. We had to shave him down during the warm months. It helped us to keep the shedding somewhat under control even though for the first few years it seemed he was embarrassed, feeling rather exposed without his puffy coat of fur. 

After years in Florida we moved to Montgomery, Alabama. But let me digress for a moment. It was in Florida we rescued our Lab, a puppy, from the Animal Shelter in Titusville. So she was born and raised in Central Florida for 5 years and some months before relocating with us in Alabama. 

2017-12-08 Boots in Snow.jpg

Our first year here the heat was different, and the winter was not bad. It was somewhat dry with spurts of cold. Totally different from this year with rain and now freezing cold and snow. 

Boots is in Heaven, so happy to wander around outside as the snow gently drifts down from the sky fully clothed in his warm, fur coat. 

The Honey-do, well, he is on his third trip here and spent the last three winters in Ohio at Wright-Patterson so though it is not heaven, he is able to tolerate it.

Janie Belle is most happy laying on my side of the bed with the electric blanket on level 5 or higher.

Guess that tells you how well I tolerate the cold weather these days.  

#ElectricBlanketsRule #JammieDays