I am #TeamSOLI

My first introduction to Matthew VanDyke was by way of Glenn Beck’s program: 

Friend of Journalists Beheaded by the Islamic State Fighting Back Against the Terrorist Group in a Big Way

The organization Matt founded, Sons of Liberty International (SOLI), spoke to my heart then and continues to speak to my heart today. Please check out the website. Please take the time to go through each page and then, if what SOLI is doing to help others help themselves speaks to you too, please consider becoming a supporting member today.  c8ac1954-b239-47f7-90b1-422959e4ce31.JPG

“Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) was founded by international security analyst Matthew VanDyke in recognition of the failure of the international community and governments to adequately protect the defenseless and support those struggling for freedom around the world. There needed to be an organization capable of on-the-ground action to help those whom the international system had failed. SOLI was created to enable those abandoned by the international community to take action in defense of themselves and their people, and to combat those forces that seek to harm and oppress them.”

Link: https://www.sonsoflibertyinternational.com/about/


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