Watching Studio C instead of….

I have been sitting here for far too long this evening. Thinking of a gazillion things to write about all while being distracted by Studio C video clips on YouTube, eating popcorn and popping a few too many York Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties, this is the extent of my 297/365 post for today. 

I really need to get #BackToTheBox. My #FoodSins are killing me here. 

Enjoy a few of the Studio C videos posted below. They made me chuckle.


Pat Gray UNLEASHED & Sidekick Jeffy

Unwinding from the day with Pat Gray and Jeffy on The Blaze. I did not get to see the whole radio-television broadcast earlier so it has been fun to catch up now on my Roku Player. 

Nice to laugh and chuckle with the guys. What a joyful, lighthearted show. Should have been taking notes so I could recount the funnies here but as I am unwinding, I could not be bothered to do so because I got distracted when they started talking Studio C.

Here’s where my mind went: 

And here: 

And here …. and  I could go on and on!





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