Times 3: On a Roll…or is that Row?

Not talking about it. Just moving on.

I am here at Guns Out CrossFit after a long absence and wearing the shoes that took me out for several weeks the last time I took a rowing challenge.


Today I remembered my socks. And now, even with my wounded-but-much-better  toenail, it is time to take on the #DogDaysOfSummer.

Yeah Baby! Press forward! Row like the wind… or something like that.


183/365 not on July 31st. #NeverGiveUp

First Day with CrossRope… and Johnny meets Brunhilda

A few days ago I ordered the CrossRope Limited Edition Heavy Set. It arrived yesterday. Feeling the weight of the package, I opened it with great awe in anticipation. The experience did not disappoint. 

It was late. It was dark. I was in the house, exhausted after a long day. Even though I wanted to try out each rope, there was no energy left in my caboose so I simply had to organize everything in my special CrossRope bag, set it by the door in preparation to try the ropes out at the gym today. And I did so with great awe and anticipation to see what my possibilities would be. 

Today’s experience did not disappoint.

Walking into the gym I announced to Coach Charles, “Look at my new toys!!!”

Putting the Rush Rope (red) together to let him take it for a spin, followed by the the Flex Rope (aqua), he was quite impressed until he saw me reveal the 3 lb Titan X Rope (silver), pulling it out of my bag. Then he was completely astonished. 

“That’s just like the cable I used to lock my bike with,” he said as his jaw dropped while his eyes grew big. “Seriously! I had a cable just like that and would padlock my bike with it!”  

When I finally had time to test out each rope I began with the Titan X, or as I lovingly refer to it, Brunhilda. Glad I was working it alone in the gym. It was much too heavy for me. I could barely whirl it over my head one time, even after a couple of tries.

Next I went to the Flex Rope which seemed much easier though I looked like a turtle jumping rope on valium. By time I dropped to the Rush Rope it went around me like slicing buttah. (My butt-ah got whacked a couple painful times.) 

Using the CrossRope app I opted for the Brute Set 1 Beginner workout. Instead of changing ropes I started with the Flex Rope and manage to get through the 9 minutes like a remedial jump roper. So feeling pretty happy with my remedial performance I moved to do the same workout again with the Rush Rope and actually felt stronger, like I could push myself harder.

What I like about these weighted ropes is my speed drop in jumping and my desire to press myself to speed up, relatively speaking.  Slowing down helped me focus on my form. The ropes exposed my weaknesses so I could correct myself to better balance my body to then increase my speed in turning the rope. The ropes are indeed a “powerful full-body training” system.

As I sat a bit to recover from my workout, my teammate Johnny, significantly my junior, showed up. And yes, I pulled out all of my ropes to share with my teammate. Enjoy the video below as he gets to know Brunhilda.