Git off my property

Whenever anyone follows me on Facebook I warn them I am a Conservative Political Activist. They are free to UNFOLLOW me if they do not want to see my social accounts because that is what I use them for, Conservative Political Activism.

Anyone who follows me after having been warned, and then has the nerve to post on my timeline, whether it is Twitter or Facebook, and then blocks me instead of UNFOLLOWING because they are unhappy with my pushing back, might be labeled passive-aggressive.

Why use a dishonest tactic in blocking me when you were the aggressor on my timeline and all you had to do was GIT OFF MY PROPERTY? 

Runaway and be free. All the best. 

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” ~ Ben Shapiro



Tolerance this: AIFD

What I appreciate about Dr. M. Zhudi Jasser is how his organization, American Islamic Forum for Democracy, plainly states on their page titled,  Why Change?:


Islamism, a theo-political ideology bent on the subjugation of anyone who doesn’t adhere to its aims, is a political movement distinct from personal piety and ethics. As Islamist voices became louder and began to hold more political power, especially throughout the twentieth century, the battle of ideas within the “house of Islam” reached a fever pitch. Worldwide, the struggle against Islamist violence has become a personal concern to more people – of all religions – than ever before.

AIFD was formed in the wake of the horrific attacks of 9/11 to engage in this battle, from the side of anti-Islamist reform, freedom and human rights. For over a decade, AIFD has been working to advance reform within the Muslim community, supporting universal human rights and opposing the hateful ideologies of Islamism and fascism.

You want ToleranceThen fight for this cultural battle: Spread the Idea of Freedom  using the thoughts, ideas, and words of Hussein Aboubakr and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dr. Jasser. 


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