Man! It is stinkin’ cold!

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Wet Winter Weather is Over: Fridgid Start to 2018

Seriously. It is so COLD! I lived in Florida and never thought I would, well, I never did get used to the heat. What I now realize is how I am so not used to tolerating the cold.

Having lived in Montana I know Winter cold, freezing temperatures cold, Chinook winds with a Below Zero chill factor cold. But after ten years in Florida heat to relatively mild winters I am now an offical, more than ever before, Wimpy-girl. 


2018 is going to be a Cold Blast! 








Stinkin’ flu bug 2017 and other illnesses


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The weather has taken a turn over the last few days by increasing in damp coldness. After ten years in Florida with realtively mild Space Coast winters, the Montgomery days of warm and c-o-l-d  with raining weather have taken a toll on me. The sneezing, watery eyes, itchy ears and face have come on slowly until it has just about taken me down this evening. I am definitely not wanting to line up for a second go of bronchitis this first quarter of 2017.  


My coaches from 26.2 CrossFit can mock me now for all of the times I teased them, mercilessly, for wearing hoodies in low 60 degree weather. Well, except for the fact that today it was WAY colder than Space Coast weather where I now live (shoutout to Guns Out CrossFit).Ryanocare is Not FULL Repeal.jpg

Sneezing like a typhoon throughout the day, it is now time to crawl under my electric blankey, drift off to Neverland dreaming of the day when Paul Ryan’s sickly version of the ACA and #Obamacare are fully repealed. Repeat: FULLY Repealed then replaced with Free Markets!