Learn from the Elite: Translate & Encorporate

Several years ago I watch the one and only season of STARS EARN STRIPES. It was fabulous and I am so very sorry the show was not continued because it was incredibly exciting, packed with adventure. The Military Men, and Tom Stroup — a SWAT Commander and member of Florida Orange County Sheriff’s Department, were brilliant and charming. It has been great fun to watch them move on with their lives over the last five years. 

Brent L. Gleeson became a favorite when I watched him run in one episode. Dude was fast. It was like he has wings on those heels of his. He was a flash on the screen for sure. It was impressive, especially to someone like me who runs like a heard of turtles on valium, but I digress. 

Brent writes for Forbes.com. I hope you will take the time to read his articles.

Over the years I have learned a lot from people in the business world. One of the best things I learned over thirty years ago was how some wise people run their homes like a business. It really resonated with me because they did so on a spiritual basis and I watched how they seemed to prosper spiritually and temporally. That is not to say everything was a bed of roses, but I watched how they were able to navigate through life with grace and dignity. (Yeah, I have a long way to go with the grace and dignity thing, so no comments from the peanut gallery.)

Another wise man taught me that two things never change and principles are one of those things. That is really how I want to tie into the title of this post. True principles never change and they are applicable everywhere and anywhere. 

I really liked this short article by Brent back in October:

Strategies For Making Organizational Change Stick And Building A Bright Future

As a huge fan of continuous education for myself and for my Honey-do, Brent offers a great strategy for husbands and wives who want make changes in the home. The principles and ideas he lays out can easily be translated into a working strategy for couples and families to effect a change of course in the family dynamic. 

You will get there if you steel your mindset with love of God and love for your spouse and  family. It will take resolve. It will take prayer and patient practice. You will have to work with persistent effort, with consistency in action so in time you will see that cultural shift bring a joyful peace to your home.

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