Rowing information for my teammates

When I first started at 26.2 CrossFit my coaches had me row more than run. Yeah. I was that bad at running. And when I first started rowing, I was that bad at rowing but I took to it right away, never giving up and here I am today, a rowing fool at Guns Out CrossFit.IMG_7931.JPG

Over the last few weeks some of my teammates have asked me about my rowing. Here is some basic information that I return to again and again to help me improve my rowing. 

  • Concept 2 is the first go to for beginning at the beginning. I go there a lot to read and reread. Be sure to check out all of the links under the TRAINING section. 
  • Angela Hart is my favorite go to on YouTube. I watch her videos over and over again. She explains things in a really great way that work for my brain. Her explanation about the DAMPER SETTINGS being similar to the gears on a bike was really helpful and I still experiment with settings depending upon what I want to accomplish in a Rowing WoD. 

Please be encouraged to truly take your time with the Concept 2 site first. Sign up for the LogBook at the top of the page. You can keep track of your training there, online.

Too often, I forget to use the log book unless it is for an Online Challenges or any row where I can get a ranking, like today. That said, please note #ImNotLast

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.07.06 PM.png

Good Luck and Great Rowing!


Fourteen Minutes? Who did that?

IMG_7865I set the machine for a one hour and fifteen minute row. Well, I thought I set it for that length of time until viewing the details at the end of the row. Evidently I need to wear my glasses when setting my plans in the future. 

My goal was to experiment with a rowing strategy for the upcoming 2017 Summer Solstice Challenge by  Concept 2.  By adding the 97 meters to make it a half-marathon, it will be a new personal record for me.

My times were a bit sluggish today. I have been experimenting with rowing at different times during the day while building up endurance for the distance. Where I lost time fiddling with my iPhone, trying to get the music straightened out after I rowed the first 6k, made the biggest difference in my strokes per minute. 

It was not a bad row overall. It ended up being rather revelatory and encouraging in spite of the one minute loss in programming time and the iPhone music mishap.

I will not make those same errors again. Well, I will make a good faith effort to not do them again.



My little CrossRope Ahaaa…

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.08.25 PMThis week I have been excited to use my CrossRope collection. Double Unders were part of the Monday and  Wednesday Guns Out Crossfit WoD’s so I used the 1/2 lb rope for it is not yet possible for me to do a double under. Opting to do singles with that heavier rope allowed me to jump the required reps versus doing double the jumps as Single Unders with a speed rope.

Today I used the CrossRope App to do the Burn Fat 1 set for 6 mins with the prescribed ropes. Using the 1/4 pound Agility rope was really a shift for me. It made me feel like I was a remedial jump roper after having used the 1/2 pounder on Monday. The 1 pound Intensity was less of a problem though my rhythm was a little off.   

The thing that clicked in my brain during today’s short workout was how the heavier ropes were definitely a great way to start my CrossRope fitness journey. Even though today was a bit of a challenge  changing handles in a short period of time, it was great trying to get my timing figured out with the different weighted ropes. I know, with practice, those DU’s will happen as I learn to focus on how to best adapt then control my turning and jumping speeds. 





Faith is Freedom: Set your Sail

Today I heard a couple of testimonies followed by a really great sermon in Sacrament Meeting* by Eric Boswell based upon a talk given by James E. Faust, Where Do I Make My Stand, from which I quote:

Thomas Giles, a Welsh convert who joined the Church in 1844, also suffered much in his lifetime. He was a miner, and while he was digging coal in the mine, a large piece of coal hit him on the head and inflicted a wound nine inches long. The doctor who examined him said the injured man would not live longer than 24 hours. But then the elders came and administered to him. He was promised that he would get well, and that “even if he would never see again, he would live to do much good in the Church.” Brother Giles did indeed live but was blind the rest of his life. Within a month of his injury “he was out traveling through the country attending to his ecclesiastical duties.”

There is more to the Thomas Giles story that is absolutely amazing when you look at what he becomes in spite of his injury. He might have never accomplished great things had he not pressed forward, steadfastly, in faith.

Then in Primary the children were taught about the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel:

  1. Faith
  2. Repentance
  3. Baptism
  4. Gift of the Holy Ghost

Later on today, when home from worship services, I flipped on BYUtv to watch or listen to some really lovely shows. My viewing began with a fantastic devotional talk titled “Lay Hold upon the Word”: The Power of Wholehearted Living by McKay Christensen. What an amazing journey through hope and faith has his life taken!

A follow on devotional talk by Mark B. Colton was excellent too: Never Give Up Your Testimony of the Gospel. He used a quote from a wonderful sermon by Jeffrey R. Holland but the quote I am posting next is not from the Colton talk but from the Holland sermon “I Believe.”

Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.


All of these talks and sermons confirmed my thinking about how the daily exercising of faith makes it possible for one to become free, unmoored from the muck and mire of the things that bog one down mentally, emotionally and or physically. But faith goes back to the FIRST principles of the Gospel. Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Faith unto Repentance, returning time and time again to Let Go and Let God set one’s sail. 

Then the last show I watched was an episode from The Kindness Diaries. And as that show closed out my evening, I hear the same music playing over and over in my head. It is the same song I have been hearing for the last two or three weeks as I continue exercising my faith to let go and let God set my sail: 


The Good News Is…

I went for a follow up X-ray on my toe. The Doc seemed pleased with how well I am healing up. He told me I will have some continued swelling for a bit longer but things were looking really good. He said I needed to work and stretch the toe.

That was great to hear but he said I cannot start jumproping for an additional two weeks. A bit of a bummer to hear but hey, two weeks baby, and I am back working to get that double under with my CrossRope ropes

At least I wear a matching set of normal sandals now! 


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Food: The struggle is real

My Coach Allie, in Rockledge FL, posted this photo the other day. It is true.17952640_1497543783612110_2630532800494058115_n

My Coach Charles, in Montgomery AL, has been talking about FittzMeals.

Between Florida and Montgomery, I sure hate tracking my food. Stinkin’ portion control is even worse. However, sometimes a girl has just gotta do what a girl needs to do. 

I pick up my first week of meals tomorrow to kick start my attitude and to help get me #BackOnTrack. 

#NotRollingMyEyes #Gratitude #GoYouChickenFatGoAway


“Murph” is just around the corner


The Murph Challenge 2014 happened within the first month of my starting CrossFit. I was so sore and so tired from just trying to get going three days a week that when Memorial Day came around that first year I was 1) surprised the box was open and 2) asked my coach if I could just take that day off for an extra recovery day. I remember laying in bed, so sore I could hardly move. Honestly, I was so sore and so tired most days that I skipped the first several months of Holiday WoDs as welcomed recovery days.

I do not recall when I realized The Murph WoD was also done as a Challenge, specifically Memorial Day, but by Murph Challenge 2015, I signed up, got the T-shirt. If I remember right I had to modify the run to 400 or 800 meters that year. In fact I may have rowed instead. I really do not remember. What I do remember was modifying to ring rows, wall push-ups, and air squatting to the bench because I was such a weakling. 

But last year! Last year I was able to run the mile at the beginning and the end. It  was my first year running the miles, without the added weight but I ran! Again I modified the WoD, ring rows but… I was able to progress to putting up a bar on the rack and then doing an incline push-up. I also did the air squats, not to parallel but as air squats. 

This year will be my third attempt at The Murph Challenge.  Today was a practice day with 50 ring rows, 100 bar push-ups with the bar lower than last year, and 150 air squats facing the wall to focus on form. Breaking things up into two sets I completed it in about 24 minutes. It was hot and midday Montgomery, Alabama, not 6:30 a.m. in Rockledge, Florida. Not bad for a LOGHL but I need to get better to do twice as much with those mile runs. 

Last year I finished in 1:20.50. This year I really want to improve my time and quality in my workout. I have seven weeks to ramp it up.