Whoopwhoop: 365 Challenge ENDS

My day began with Jonathan Hoenig’s Saturday CapitalistPig.com school.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 11.41.06 AM.png

 It is a free seminar that he generously shares with his followers on most Saturday mornings beginning promptly at 10 a.m., Central Time. I have been watching him for several years so when he started these free classes I jumped on board to learn more about investing. And I have the confidence to invest because of his willingness to impart his knowledge and wisdom. 

At the end of today’s session there was a great Q&A going on but I had to leave the conversation. I had two incoming calls that needed to be answered and then a few errands that needed running. 

It was fun to get my feet done today. They were looking pretty scary! It was really nice to see everyone at the nail salon. Glad they remembered me. My feet look fabulous. 

Time to make a Publix run. My friend, Michel, and her daughter were coming over so I needed some juices boxes and some kind of delightful snacks to serve. 

They came. We played. We snacked. It was so much fun! My little Madison is a Mini-Michel. They are so adorable to watch together. It is like looking at Michel as a toddler and Madeline as a grown-up. Like being in a time warp, hysterical! 

It has been another day in my Florida paradise. Good friends, good food, and good notes from Jonathan. 

Best of all, today is the last day for my daily writing challenge!



365 Date Title
1 1/29/17 Just the end of the day
2 1/30/17 Family Home Evening
3 1/31/17 51 GOP votes to FULL Repeal
4 2/1/17 Thank You, Glenn Beck & The Blaze Staff
5 2/2/17 THAT BABY: Charlie R.
6 2/3/17 Do a Good Turn: Opportunities Right in the Way
7 2/4/17 Remember when Ryan said….
8 2/5/17 Positively Wonderful: Life Is Grand
9 2/6/17 We Choose Roku
10 2/7/17 Worthy of Repeated Reading
11 2/8/17 No Welching: Full Repeal and End FedED
12 2/9/17 Meaningful Work and an Authentic life
13 2/10/17 Politics: A good rule to remember
14 2/11/17 DeVos not your Cup-0-Tea? Who Cares?
15 2/12/17 14 on 15/365
16 2/13/17 Stop the Bullies: Be your own Lobbyist
17 2/14/17 Stop Stalling: Congress has the Power
18 2/15/17 Living on the Dole is not Welfare
19 2/16/17 Grandmacousin
20 2/17/17 Smells like Totalitarianism
21 2/18/17 Found a Protein Powder
22 2/19/17 A little something finds a home
23 2/20/17 Bottled Peaches and Cherries
24 2/21/17 Take the Leap
25 2/22/17 Kindness begins with…
26 2/23/17 CPAC 2017: Original Sources
27 2/24/17 Get on with Full Repeal
28 2/25/17 17.1 Masters, Scaled – Completed
29 2/26/17 Thanks but uh, No Thanks
30 2/27/17 Remember what the American people were sold: FULL REPEAL
31 2/28/17 Okay, so I have a counting problem…
32 3/1/17 Sebastian Gorka can #FrameTheDebate
33 3/2/17 Thinking of David H. Hackworth
34 3/3/17 Pay through the nose
35 3/4/17 Get in the Game: It makes a difference
36 3/5/17 My friend, the Hockey Puck Maker
37 3/6/17 Yes, I did 17.2 Twice!
38 3/7/17 Ryanocare: So mad I could spit!
39 3/8/17 Revolt and FULL Repeal, Basta!
40 3/9/17 Melinda’s Marvelous Moving Sale
41 3/10/17 Speaker Ryan: Talk Less. Do More
42 3/11/17 17.3 WoD today and only today
43 3/12/17 If you only knew how many things…
44 3/13/17 CrossWriting: Forging Elite Cerebrations
45 3/14/17 Stinkin’ flu bug 2017 and other illnesses
46 3/15/17 Let Ryanocare Die an Ignominous Death
47 3/16/17 47 on 48 …
48 3/17/17 Motives and Priorities
49 3/18/17 The Spirit of Guns Out CrossFit
50 3/19/17 Guns Out CrossFit Bowling Team
51 3/20/17 17.4 is did, done and over!
52 3/21/17 Part 1: Bill Posey’s 2017 Constituent Survey
53 3/22/17 Part 2: Bill Posey’s 2017 Constituent Survey
54 3/23/17 A Series on Healthcare by Glenn Beck
55 3/24/17 What will Speaker Ryan do next?
56 3/25/17 Nancy’s Social Folly: Obamacare
57 3/26/17 Whenever I hear the song of a bird…
58 3/27/17 A stinkin’ blackout
59 3/28/17 #DailyDana #SassyWithMassie #GetTheBlaze
60 3/29/17 Download FREE Educational Serials
61 3/30/17 Now Hear This, GOP Fauxnies
62 3/31/17 Healthcare: Know the History then Teach Others
63 4/1/17 S2 of The Relative Race
64 4/2/17 Improve myself each day
65 4/3/17 Another day, another Cross-What?
66 4/4/17 “Murph” is just around the corner
67 4/5/17 Check out the #PRINCEofPeace
68 4/6/17   Friday WOD 4/7/17 and Part 2: Friday WOD 4/7/17
69 4/7/17 First Day with CrossRope… and Johnny meets Brunhilda
70 4/8/17 Kong’s ROOT Salon: Slaying my hairs
71 4/9/17 Jesus Christ: Easter Week
72 4/10/17 Zabars! Yep. Zabars!
73 4/11/17 Remington Carriage Museum
74 4/12/17 Think Tank, Drive Thru History and More!
75 4/13/17 A lovely service: Maundy Thursday
76 4/14/17 Today’s Golden List
77 4/15/17 Playing Catch-up: Toxic Tuesday Group
78 4/16/17 A lovely Easter Sabbath
79 4/17/17 Food: The struggle is real
80 4/18/17 ACA/AHCA: “The power to tax is the power to destroy”
81 4/19/17 Fittz Meals: Salmon for Lunch
82 4/20/17 Murph 2017: I am registered!
83 4/21/17 Oh no! Not the shoe!?
84 4/22/17 A day missed posting. Arghhh!
85 4/23/17 S2:E7 Relative Race
86 4/24/17 A Stinkin’ CR and Full Repeal Debate
87 4/25/17 Oh those dancing Chimpanzees
88 4/26/17 In the beginning and in the end PUH-LEASE, Frame the Debate for Full Repeal
89 4/27/17 Update to Puh-lease, #FrameTheDebate for #FullRepeal
90 4/27/17 FAB interview: Mark Sanford – NOT Repealing Obamacare
91 4/28/17 Jim DeMint is My Hero
92 4/29/17 An International Food Fest at MAFB
93 4/30/17 Caleb and his Eagle Scout Court of Honor
94 5/1/17 Oh yeah. The powder is dry…
95 5/2/17 Pulling my Heritage Donation is Good News for…
96 5/3/17 Liars, Progressives, and OmnibusHell vs the Consistent Conservative: Jim DeMint
97 5/4/17 What a stinkin’ week in D.C.
98 5/5/17 So excited about GofG vol. 2
99 5/6/17 Homeschool Fun with Granny Jo
100 5/7/17 Unmarred by Earthly Care
101 5/8/17 The Debacle: Still working through it
102 5/9/17 Yes. We are Groot
103 5/10/17 Know what the Elites are reading?
104 5/11/17 Like John Wayne in the house
105 5/12/17 Happy Mother’s Day: Yes. I am thrilled for you and your day
106 5/13/17 Yes, I am Groot.
107 5/14/17 Fantastic Speakers at Church for Mother’s Day
108 5/15/17 Sorting through the news chaos
109 5/16/17 Chocolate Vanquishes Chaos
110 5/17/17 My little Charlie R.
111 5/18/17 The Good News Is…
112 5/19/17 I got to ROW today!
113 5/20/17 Lovely Lunch: Urban Cookhouse Montgomery
114 5/21/17 Faith is Freedom: Set your Sail
115 5/22/17 Push Back the Narrative
116 5/23/17 MONTANA: Vote for Greg Gianforte
117 5/24/17 Karaoke Fun and Fond Memories
118 5/25/17 A sweet remembrance from my Mom.
119 5/26/17 A new roof
120 5/27/17 Celebrity Ninja Warrior –Wonderfulness
121 5/28/17 Murph on Monday
122 5/29/17 Overheated but I ran: Murph 2017
123 5/30/17 The Juice Meister
124 5/31/17 Ahhhh the joy in rowing
125 6/1/17 Three days and Five Packages
126 6/2/17 Best Hamburger Day Ever
127 6/3/17 A peaceful drive to Wetumpke
128 6/4/17 When the GEXT dies
129 6/5/17 Tolerance this: AIFD
130 6/6/17 Git off my property
131 6/7/17 A Best WoD Day Ever: Don’t Hate
132 6/8/17 My little CrossRope Ahaaa…
133 6/9/17 Working up to Summer Solstice Row
134 6/10/17 Spectrum Internet Service: So far, excellent service
135 6/11/17 Strawberry-licious Jam
136 6/12/17 4 Minutes to Midnight
137 6/13/17 Fourteen Minutes? Who did that?
138 6/14/17 Poorly Timed …
139 6/15/17 The Blaze Generation
140 6/16/17 McConnell & Ryan: Shambala or Pants on Fire
141 6/17/17 Three Dog Night: The Original 3 Tenors
142 6/18/17 Psyched for that half-marathon row
143 6/19/17 Rowing information for my teammates
144 6/20/17 So over Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell
145 6/21/17 Rowed my 1st Half-Marathon
146 6/22/17 Fantastic Presidential Farewell Addresses
147 6/23/17 More toe drama, bless my heart
148 6/24/17 Need a boost?
149 6/25/17 The Power of Pain: Suffering Sanctifies
150 6/26/17 And then there is Paul Ryan…
151 6/27/17 Rewrite the bill: BCRA is not Full Repeal
152 6/28/17 David Azerrad, Ph.D.
153 6/29/17 Equal treatment of unequals
154 6/30/17 A little 4th of July History
155 7/1/17 The Old Gray Mare
156 7/2/17 Singing in Church next Sunday
157 7/3/17 Atone, Atonement
158 7/4/17 The Sophistry of Television Writers on Gun Control
159 7/5/17 The Magic Sun Pass
160 7/6/17 Senate Conservatives Fund Matters
161 7/7/17 Grand Old Progressives, allegedly
162 7/8/17 The Honey-do list today
163 7/9/17 Just focus on Lee and Cruz and…
164 7/10/17 Hand that boy a tin cup!
165 7/11/17 Finishing touches: Plumeria and Pavers
166 7/12/17 Now you see why it had to be done
167 7/13/17 Glenn Beck: What can I do for you?
168 7/14/17 Mike Lee for Senate Majority Leader
169 7/15/17 Big Weekend: Single Payer fight continues
170 7/16/17 Vitamix: I like drinking my greens
171 7/17/17 The NO vote I wanted to see!
172 7/18/17 Mike Lee: Rock Solid, Loyal Republican
173 7/19/17 Part 1: My takeaway from Mike Lee
174 7/20/17 Part 2: My takeaway from Mike Lee
175 7/21/17 Part 3: My takeaway from Mike Lee
176 7/22/17 Pratville Swolemate 2017 Games
177 7/23/17 Saturday Breakfast at Shashy’s
178 7/24/17 Tell The Truth: Say it over and over again
179 7/25/17 Best news of the day: JIM is BACK!
180 7/26/17 Bombastic McLame vs ReasonabLee
181 7/27/17 August 1st Row Challenge Baby!
182 7/28/17 Laudable Pursuit: Politically Palatable
183 7/29/17 Long day, short note
184 7/30/17 Another day, another missed posting
185 7/31/17 Times 3: On a Roll…or is that Row?
186 8/1/17 Rowing Felt Fabulous.
187 8/2/17 Looks like help is on the way
188 8/3/17 Take Back the Culture: Karen Vaughn
189 8/4/17 Take Back the Culture: Andrew Lumish
190 8/5/17 We are getting ready for Sunday
191 8/6/17 Sunday: A break from the dreary world
192 8/7/17 What do you do with a drunken sailor?
193 8/8/17 Terrific Toddler: Best Day Ever
194 8/9/17 Tonight is bacon night
195 8/10/17 FULL Repeal is Tax Reform!
196 8/11/17 Dog Days: Rolling my eyes
197 8/12/17 Rolling my eyes at the Paul Ryan survey
198 8/13/17 Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes
199 8/14/17 Rex E. Lee: BYU Speech, January 15, 1991
200 8/15/17 Week 3: Day 1 Dog Days Challenge
201 8/16/17 I Remember When…
202 8/17/17 FiTTz Meals by Christopher Teeter
203 8/18/17 It was a rat
204 8/19/17 Musical Eclipse Songs
205 8/20/17 Inspiration to Share the Good
206 8/21/17 Update: Dog Days of Summer almost over
207 8/22/17 Revenue Neutral: A Liarspalooza
208 8/23/17 Is Paul Ryan trying to look Presidential?
209 8/24/17 Things that touch the heart
210 8/25/17 Dear Montgomery Drivers
211 8/26/17 A Jacksonian what?
212 8/27/17 Lots going on today
213 8/28/17 211/365 Thought about it. Forgot about it.
214 8/29/17 Making a shift in thinking, again
215 8/30/17 Walmart Neighborhood Market
216 8/31/17 The Town That Came A-Courtin’: The TV Movie
217 9/1/17 Relief for Houston: NO PORK PLEASE
218 9/2/17 Group Texting and Group Text Meeting Info
219 9/3/17 For my friend, Jonathan
220 9/4/17 Each life that touches our for good
221 9/5/17 Twitter Gulag therefore a 2nd account
222 9/6/17 Dishonor Killings: The Art of the Smear
223 9/7/17 The Killers of Conservative Values
224 9/8/17 Got that walk in today!
225 9/9/17 Steven Wright: A funny guy
226 9/10/17 Irma and Florida Friends
227 9/11/17 Well, that was a Swoosh!
228 9/12/17 #LOGHLNeverDieWeJustModify
229 9/13/17 Teaching moments count: Teach well
230 9/14/17 When only a great cheeseburger will do
231 9/15/17 Homeschool with Jonathan Hoenig
232 9/16/17 When the NRA supported Max Baucus
233 9/17/17 Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
234 9/18/17 Monday Motivation-less becomes more
235 9/19/17 NOOOO! EVENT 5: 1 LB DU MAX
236 9/20/17 Random Chatter: 234/365
237 9/21/17 And Still No Full Repeal
238 9/22/17 Folding Laundry
239 9/23/17 Growth and Change: Glenn Beck
240 9/24/17 A mini epiphany: Go to sleep
241 9/25/17 Tea Party Patriots: Boots on the Ground
242 9/26/17 Can’t we all just get along?
243 9/27/17 To the owners of nasty little yappy dogs
244 9/28/17 I have been pondering….
245 9/29/17 Steely Dan: Love that sound
246 9/30/17 Best Sermons for #LDSConf so far
247 10/1/17 General Conference: Robert D. Hales
248 10/2/17 Receiving, Remembering, Renewing
249 10/3/17 Oh what a night
250 10/4/17 A little Granny shuffle today
251 10/5/17 So I missed a post yesterday
252 10/6/17 A few extra steps
253 10/7/17 Never too early for Christmas decor
254 10/8/17 Church cancelled: Inclement Weather
255 10/9/17 Just rambling about the day 9/10
256 10/10/17 It’s Tea Party Time Florida
257 10/11/17 Snuggle fabric softener and a song in my head
258 10/12/17 Feels Better with Hallmark Movies Now
259 10/13/17 Friday the 13th: My lucky day
260 10/14/17 Collect your trophy; Pura Vida 5
261 10/15/17 Trying to learn a song in French
262 10/16/17 On a Christmas music roll
263 10/17/17 CRJFC Week 1:Day 1 started today
264 10/18/17 Feel the Bern on Taxes
265 10/19/17 Mesmerizing Messier Catalog
266 10/20/17 Pat Gray UNLEASED & Sidekick Jeffy
267 10/21/17 Deadlines and dead tired
268 10/22/17 Pathetically keeping track
269 10/23/17 A bit under the weather Monday
270 10/24/17 Buh-bye Jeff Flake
271 10/25/17 Who will help me make Government Small Again?
272 10/26/17 The Candidate: Scrutinize every Military Veteran and ask tough, pointed questions
273 10/27/17 Beck is back with #TheChalkboard
274 10/28/17 The Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation
275 10/29/17 The weather has turned
276 10/30/17 Stevia and other icky things
277 10/31/17 The page of almost nothing
278 11/1/17 A new acquaintance, a great conversation
279 11/2/17 The Big Whoop Tax Plan: a little whoop
280 11/3/17 #LetThereBeLight: The Sorbo Family
281 11/4/17 Chocolate. I like it.
282 11/5/17 Nerd Alert: Falling Back Now
283 11/6/17 Crush Procrastination: Working on it
284 11/7/17 Yawn… this time change
285 11/8/17 Dana’s last day at The Blaze
286 11/9/17 Gut-wrenching News
287 11/10/17 The CSMP – part two
288 11/11/17 Star Parker and UrbanCURE
289 11/12/17 Reflections: The CSMP – part three
290 11/13/17 Upcoming: Montgomery INTERFAITH Nativity
291 11/14/17 SPECIAL EVENTS: Montgomery INTERFAITH Christmas Nativity
292 11/15/17 The World Is Mine: Gratitude
293 11/16/17 A stinkin’ scratchy throat
294 11/17/17 #LightTheWorld 2017: #LetThereBeLight
295 11/18/17 Paul Ryan and Mitch McCONnell #TaxReform vs #RealTaxReform
296 11/19/17 A day of peace and rest
297 11/20/17 Watching Studio C instead of….
298 11/21/17 TCAH: My Doggies Love their Daycare
299 11/22/17 And the 2nd Step to Tax Reform?
300 11/23/17 Gratitude: It is time to set new goals
301 11/24/17 Holiday Challenge Row 2017
302 11/25/17 63 posts left on 365: Woot-woot
303 11/26/17 Enjoying beautiful music
304 11/27/17 Thick of Thin Things vs Things That Matter Most
305 11/28/17 Without naming the title…
306 11/29/17 Little light, big light.
307 11/30/17 Best part of my day: Getting to know you
308 12/1/17 Day 1: #LightTheWorld Freely Give
309 12/2/17 Day 2: #LightTheWorld ~ I was thirsty…
310 12/3/17 Day 3: #LightTheWorld ~ Sabbath days
311 12/4/17 Day 4: #LightTheWorld ~ Love thy neighbor
312 12/5/17 Rolling my eyes: Continuing Resolutions
313 12/6/17 It has been a looooong time
314 12/7/17 Day 7: #LightTheWorld with Music
315 12/8/17 The Sheltie likes the snow
316 12/9/17 A remembrance: Little Carolers
317 12/10/17 #LightTheWorld: Scriptures in Song
318 12/11/17 Time for Teething
319 12/12/17 The Rule: You cannot save every Starfish
320 12/13/17 Over or Under selling #TaxReform
321 12/14/17 More to the Story: Best Lunch Day evvah!
322 12/15/17 So over the “new and improved” washers
323 12/16/17 Dirty Jobs: Honey-do loves to do them
324 12/17/17 #LightTheWorld: Giving and Receiving
325 12/18/17 #LightTheWorld: A Christmas Compass
326 12/19/17 Paint and Clay: When it’s time to play!
327 12/20/17 User Name and Password
328 12/21/17 Somewhat bored…
329 12/22/17 #WCTH #Hearties: Possible heresy, I know
330 12/23/17 Happy and grateful
331 12/24/17 #LightTheWorld: The song of the righteous
332 12/25/17 Peaceful Day to #LightTheWorld
333 12/26/17 Primary: Getting it together for 2018
334 12/27/17 Watching THE CROWN
335 12/28/17 A busy day
336 12/29/17 Learn from the Elite: Translate & Encorporate
337 12/30/17 Soccer Enthusiast: Ian Sagstetter
338 12/31/17 Man! It is stinkin’ cold!
339 1/1/18 Working for Rewards: Qualified Workers
340 1/2/18 RINO Number 9: Orring Hatch
341 1/3/18 24 days left… But who is counting?
342 1/4/18 Thank goodness for ‘lectric blankies
343 1/5/18 Spent the day on Primary Binders
344 1/6/18 My little old boy: Boots
345 1/7/18 I hate being edited…
346 1/8/18 Trying to blog via mobile phone
347 1/9/18 Tryna fina paint colluh
348 1/10/18 Ahhhhh! Internet, paint selected & Riley!
349 1/11/18 A quick trip Beachside: I’ll be back!
350 1/12/18 Earmarks: Let them die with Death Tax
351 1/13/18 Green Room Cafe, Baby!
352 1/14/18 Area Conference and Family Time
353 1/15/18 Expecting the unexpected
354 1/16/18 Taking advantage
355 1/17/18 A life full of surprises
356 1/18/18 Brevard’s best painter: Jon Farmer
357 1/19/18 Every day unfolds with a little better…
358 1/20/18 The gods of government shutdowns
359 1/21/18 Dear Mitch McCONnell and Paul Ryan
360 1/22/18 Long day, short blurb
361 1/23/18 Take Back The Senate: #DitchMitch
362 1/24/18 Almost there: 362/365
363 1/25/18 Little side trips
364 1/26/18 Good, better and…
365 1/27/18 Whoopwhoop: 365 Challenge ENDS!

Good, better and…

Sitting here with the screen door closed, the wind is blowing the crisp sea air causing the trees branches to sway, shaking leaves. The quiet of my neighborhood allows me to enjoy the rustling sounds of oaks and the gentle movements of the palm leaves. The temperature has risen to 71 degrees and it is merely 11:10 a.m.

Janie Belle taking advantage of the open screen door after a romp outside. 

Winter in Central Florida is truly lovely. My dogs could not be happier as they take turns sitting at the open door, sniffing the air that wafts through the screen.

While writing letters to those I visit teach back in Montgomery, Alabama, a text pops up. It is my Realtor and CrossFit Coach, Shane, telling me that things are moving along with the preparatory work to sell my home. 

Tears swell in my eyes. Some of it joy, some of it sorrow, and some of it with anxious anticipation. Nevertheless it is all good. It is all part of the process. The memories, the hope for desired outcomes and the struggle to balance expectations is real. It is necessary. It is the catalyst of effective change for a better outcome. 

The best is yet to come. Can hardly wait to see what happens next, come what may and love it.



Little side trips

Well, I shed a few tears today as the photographer came to shoot the house and when we signed the realtor agreement. It seems the last eleven years have simply flown by in a home filled with peace and joy and laughter and great food and friends and family.

Which reminds me. My friend, Connie, came by today. It was great to catch up on the things happening in her life with her family. 

It was fun to pop by my other friend’s place. It was just my luck that I caught up with Nancy for a minute chat. 

I have a play date with another friend, Michel, this weekend. I am so looking forward to meeting her Mini-me.  




Almost there: 362/365

This writing every day has been a great challenge but boy, oh boy, am I ever happy to know that it is coming to an end! And yes, I can believe it is almost the end, an end for which I am truly thankful.

The Coming Soon sign went up so today my sister came over and helped me out with a couple of things to get the house ready to be photographed tomorrow. I have just a couple more things to do tonight.

Things are moving along rather nicely. Soon it will be the end of living in Florida. 

All good things must come to an end. And it is always great when bad or mediocre things end too. 


Take Back The Senate: #DitchMitch

Schumer is the problem. So is Mitch McCONnell. The problem is the Senate but Mike Lee with Thomas Massie keep trying to educate the public on the bottle neck process that is hurting the American people while oppressing the taxpayers. Like David Horowitz says: It’s the Senate, Stupid.

Today’s Reading List:

  1. Boyd Matheson: Shutdown insanity — political posturing at people’s expense
  3. Chuck Schumer Just Lost The Shutdown, Bigly

Representative Thomas Massie’s video is really fantastic on the Omnibus or Continuing Resolution. (Unfortunately it is not on YouTube otherwise I would embed it.) 

Senator Mike Lee, author of Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document, has encouraged We, The People, to actively engage our Senators into doing the right thing. He knows that We, The People, must demand that they vote “on the 12 appropriations bills that the House has already passed.” He keeps asking, pleading for our help.

Engaging our politicians is the way it should be done. That is the way it must be done. Our unified voices insisting our politicians consistently press house and senate leadership for an Up-or-Down-vote on each of the 12 bills creates transparency. Then there is accountability. Then there are no more excuses so the House and Senate members can truly do the work We, the People, sent them there to do. 

America is not a country for servile men and women. We not only have a right to be free, but a duty to be free. For “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” 

~ David Azerrad


Dear Mitch McCONnell & Paul Ryan

Please turn the #SchumerShutdown into something positive.

Please, press for an up-or-down vote on every issue.

Please, clean up the Senate and the House so every Senator has to go on the record about what he or she is voting for or against each and every vote. 


Additional Reading:

  1. Needham: Shutdown Showdown Is Actually About Chain Migration, Not DACA
  2. The Imaginary Hispanic
  3. What is the “60 Vote Rule” in the Senate
  4. Democrats Amnesty Shutdown
  5. How Lawmakers Vote
  6. Issue Toolkit: Immigration


Every day unfolds with a little better…

The painters finished the interior today. They put everything back up, reset furniture (what little we have currently) and headed out to their next job once we settled up. I will miss Jon and his crew. Yet, it feels a little better to have the house with fresh paint and fewer people in it.  

Honey-do just about has all of his tasks completed. Tonight we are working together to finish cleaning out all of the lights while wiping down the fans. Knowing the bugs are cleaned out with the dust on the blades makes life a little bit better. 

But the best news is that shooting pain on my hip/back area is less sore every day. My mobility is greatly increasing while the pain continues to significantly decrease. The radiologist report revealed no fractures or breaks from that nasty tumble so that brightened my day, making it just a little bit better. 

And Saturday Morning just got a little better with Jonathan Hoenig! I am so looking forward to his online, LIVE! educational experience tomorrow even though the title leaves a lot to be desired but that is my Jonathan. He is intense. He is quirky, bright but best of all a relatively calm, rational, thinker. I adore him for he makes my life a little better with every Saturday he offers to share what he has learned about investing. 



Brevard’s best painter: Jon Farmer

Jon Farmer, owner of Farmer Painting, is a fantastic painter. He painted the interior of my home when we first moved in. He painted the exterior of my home six years later. He is currently repainting the interior of my home as we prepare to sell it. 

Jon and his crew are incredibly clean, neat, and exceptionally professional. We could not be more thrilled having them in our home. They are truly delightful to work with, bringing great joy in love for and pride in the work they do.

On a scale from 1 to 10 we rate them 10+ for integrity and excellence in the profession. Jon and his crew have always made it a painless experience. 

Now, if only I could wrap up the house and paint crew and transport them to our next location…


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